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Since joining the cubs at 6 years old, I have been involved with outdoor pastimes; camping, shooting, bushcraft and many more. Activities which taught me the value of a good sharp cutting tool. Upon meeting my wonderful wife Maria, with her passion for culinary excellence, I became aware of the importance of finely honed kitchen cutlery also.


"To take someone's blunt tools, which won't perform as they should, and give them back a blade truly fit for purpose, is a fantastic feeling."

For years, we have sharpened the knives and tools of our friends and family, and I gradually got into making knives too - as gifts for family members. We are now offering sharpening and bladesmithing services commercially. Through this we have met some wonderful people, and gotten many compliments for our work.


"To craft a fine, sharp, strong blade from raw steel and wood... hardened, tempered and polished by my own  hand... is tremendously satisfying."

~ Leon & Maria Copland

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